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    The school program is based on Nine Multiple Intelligences. Multiple intelligences represent different intellectual abilities and strengths. The curriculum based on these concepts helps the child to broaden their intelligences. Students develop an increased sense of responsibility, self direction and independence. Students develop and apply new skills, cooperative learning skills.

    • 1. Our program’s sheer focus is the systematic foundation curriculum to prepare students for school level all competitive examinations like, NSTSE, WIZ National Spell BEE, NSO, IMO, IEO, IGKO, IPM, NASO, and GREEN-TERRI.
    • 2. Our academic activities are planned to enhance all 9 Multiple Intelligences.
    • 3. Preparing students for real life applications.
    • 4. Activities to inculcate self-discipline
    • 5. Extra co-curricular activities to promote participation of each student in all competitions.
    • 6. Highly qualified teachers who are associated with us since decade with consistency & compassion